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Mooring Rules

  1. Minimum payment of 3 months in advance.
  2. Termination of contract is 3 calendar months.
  3. Boats to be licensed at all times with both number and name with British Waterways, and comprehensively insured.
  4. Boats to be kept in a well maintained condition, with serviceable mooring lines.
  5. No residential use allowed. No mooring to be sub-let or transferred
  6. The hiring of boats to third parties is prohibited
  7. Engines and generators are not to be run between 9pm and 8am
  8. No belongings to be stored on the pontoons or banks
  9. Animals to be kept under control, not left unattended or allowed to roam
  10. Each boat is allowed one car only on the premises when boats are occupied or cruising
  11. Vessels are moored entirely at their own risks
  12. Fishing in the marina is prohibited
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